From her very public spat with Sonam Kapoor to tweeting mean things about Indian Olympians, Shobhaa De is known for pissing off countless people on a daily basis. 

So it comes as no surprise that she’s back at it again, making waves about all the wrong things. But this time, her words have angered the general public, Twitterati as well as the Mumbai Police. 

Yesterday, she tweeted a photo of a police official with a rather mean caption. This was her tweet:


The fact of the matter is that this photo is lifted off of the internet. I mean, did she Google an image to go along with a line she wanted to use for a very long time? 


The guy is not even a Mumbai Police official, so shaming Mumbai Police and pissing them off in the process just comes across as a very maligned action. And did she just randomly body shame a person? 

Well, Twitter did give it back to her and so did the Mumbai Police, with a tweet that just about graces the horrible statement that she tweeted. 

This is how the Mumbai Police responded:


Dear Shobhaa De, please stop trying to stay relevant through the agency of images lifted off of the web and tailored to your words. It looks really petty on your part.