Warning: The images and content of this article are graphic. Viewer discretion is highly advised.

Taharrush jama’i: Collective harassment

You read that right. Taharrush jama’i is a type of sexual assault in company (group sexual assault/gang rape) where a group of perpetrators commit a sexual assault under the protective cover provided by large gatherings or crowds. Taharrush is an example of an inhuman and neanderthal act of violence and sexual harassment against women that has devolved the human race and women’s rights by a thousand years.


Here’s what’s worse… In colloquial terms, this deplorable act is referred to as the ‘gang rape game’.

This is what we have come to. This degenerate act – coordinated, carefully choreographed and barbaric in nature – is actually a game. Predominant in Egypt and parts of the Arabic world, where a large number of these crimes go unreported, 1000s (if not more) of women have been molested, raped and abused by young men. 

The game is usually played at mass gatherings, protests and celebrations where the savages find safety in numbers. 


This ‘rape game’ recently made its way to Europe earlier this year where over 1000 women were sexually assaulted/raped.

Having barely been reported by the media before last year, Taharrush has been practiced by middle-eastern men for over a decade, perhaps longer. The filthy game recently made news after a number of such incidents were reported in Germany this New Year’s Eve.


CBS reporter Lara Logan was stripped and molested by a mob in 2011.

The act of Taharrush jama’i first caught Western media’s attention when CBS conflict correspondent Lara Logan was physically and sexually assaulted by a mob during her coverage of the celebrations at Egypt’s Tahrir Square following the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak. Logan was violently beaten and digitally raped by a mob of hundreds of men, before she was rescued by military personnel.  

She claimed in an interview with 60 minutes, months later, that she was digitally raped by the mob from all sides and in all orifices. The ordeal lasted over 25 minutes.


The New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Germany have been linked to this ‘game’.

Widespread reports of sexual assault and mob violence across Germany, primarily within Cologne, during this past New Year’s Eve celebrations have been claimed to be a slew of Taharrush jama’i acts. Thousands of women were assaulted during mass gatherings and celebrations, by what the local authorities now claim are mainly middle-eastern refugees.


So, how is Taharrush jama’i ‘played’?

The objective of the ‘game’ is for the inner circle of men to deal the most damage to the victim, a second circle to try and fight their way in, and an outer circle that distracts the rest of the crowd from the act. In the midst of this, usually one or two men are assigned the position of ‘trying’ to save the victim.

This ‘game’ includes violence, groping, digital (using fingers) rape and in certain instances penile penetrative rape of the victim. 


The act victimizes women regardless of religion.

Reports have claimed the game of Taharrush being performed on women regardless of their race or religion, with earlier reports of the act from 2006 in Egypt, when groups of men attacked women – both veiled and unveiled – during ramadan celebrations.


Apart from the Middle East, a number of reports of the act have been spread across Europe over the last year.

While a number of reports came from Germany this New Year’s Eve, the act has also been reported in Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland. With this heinous crime spreading further than just the Middle East, we should all be worried about this turning into a global phenomenon.


Watch this 2013 video of Taharrush being performed below.

(Warning: The video is graphic in nature)


Seriously, what has humanity come to!