There’s no surprise that the population is growing at its fastest pace. And to anyone who has ever lived (or visited) in Mumbai sure knows that along with the traffic, this massively populated city is merely living in boxes, to say the least.              


On this note, a data analyst has crunched numbers mentioning that if the entire 1.37 billion Indian population lived as densely packed as the people in Mumbai, the entire population will fit in Haryana.        


Chetan Sharma posted a very shocking revelation on his Reddit handle where he posted an infographic. This bewildering post mentioning that an entire Indian population can get packed into a 44,212 square kilometer area, while still setting aside 3,201 square kilometers for an extra national park.  


According to World Population Review, this data does add up to correct statistics as Mumbai’s official recorded population is about 12.5 million as of a 2011 census, but that number goes up to about 18.4 million when looking at its wider metropolitan area. 

But Chetan’s analytics didn’t end just there. He also mentioned that if 7.6 million people i.e. the population of the entire world will start living the same way as people in Mumbai, they will fit in merely in a country as small as Romania


As exciting as this sounds, the people living in such inhumane conditions will have all sorts of basic problems related to water, electricity and well, everything else.