Exams in Bihar have made headlines multiple times thanks to allegations of rampant cheating. This year, the state education board claimed to have clamped down on it, resulting in not even 50% clearing the class 10  board exam

But a video of the topper of the Political Science course raises doubts about just what students are being taught. 

A video posted by India Today shows that the girl, despite scoring the highest marks in the state, was clueless about what the subject was about. In fact, she thought it was about cooking! 

b’Screengrab from the video’

In  the interview aired on India Today, the girl from Hajipur, who scored a whopping 444 out of 500, is seen struggling to even pronounce the subject’s name properly.

The girl has reportedly topped the Chemistry exam as well but the report claims she thought that aluminium was the most reactive element in the periodic table (we checked: it’s apparently fluorine) 

Here’s the video posted by India Today (whose authenticity we were unable to verify) 

The video while getting a few laughs also raises doubts about the functioning of educational boards in states and just how these students emerge toppers in subjects. Given the length of the video it’s not possible to judge just how smart the girl really is. 

But many on Twitter have questioned just how this girl became the topper of a subject she doesn’t seem to understand: