The Islamic State has rapidly spread its reign of terror across Iraq and Syria and is now carrying out attacks in Europe and the Middle east. But with each new massacre and conquest, it unleashes a new wave of brutality.

Daily Mail

As if taking women as sex slaves, beheading foreign nationals and constantly carrying out genocide was not enough, ISIS militants have revealed how innocence is murdered in a war zone. The latest footage of an ISIS execution in Tikrit shows a child weilding a pistol, mercilessly gunning down two detainees at close range.

The video shows how a child is deprived of all innocence and compassion, pushing him to the extent of killing people in cold blood. As the prisoners beg for mercy, the young boy is shown shooting them in the head.

Source: Daily Mail

ISIS has been revealing gruesome videos and many involving children. Earlier, a video showing a child holding a severed head shocked the world. The videos seem like propaganda and are termed as a tool for ‘psychological warfare’ used by ISIS.

The dehumanising tactics of the ISIS are worrying as experts argue that shocking reports like beheadings and mass executions have become routine news stories in the months after ISIS emerged on the scene.

Warning: the following video contains disturbing images, not suitable for everyone

Murdering a child’s innocence is the most gruesome crime which doesn’t require any ammunition except for the fire of hate.