Anger is a normal emotion that humans experience from time to time. But there are some who are just more aggressive than others. A lot of them use it as a coping mechanism, while others use it to control others. But what if we told you that there is actually a reason why some people tend to feel angrier than others?


So, a study was conducted by the Center of Disease Control in Atlanta in this regard. 

They found that people with shorter height, especially men, are more likely to experience anger, rage and display symptoms of violent behaviour.


The researchers quizzed 600 men aged between 18 and 50 on the perception of the male gender, self-image and behaviour in relation to drug-taking, violence, and crime.

Shorter men responded more aggressively when they were made to compete with tall men. They also found that men with short stature may have faced bullying and aggression in the past which might have led them to adopt a defensive strategy to make up for their complex.


A few years ago, a team of researchers at Oxford University also claimed that Short Man Syndrome is a real thing.

They reported that reducing a person’s height can increase feelings of vulnerability and also raise levels of paranoia, the clinical term of which now is Napoleon Complex.


Of course, this is just a study. It doesn’t really mean that men of small stature are always really aggressive. That’s just generalising it. Just 600 men cannot provide conclusive proof of the whole lot.