After a landslide victory by AAP in the Delhi Election polls, last evening, reports came in of shots being fired at AAP MLA Naresh Yadav and volunteers while the convoy was returning from a temple visit. 

This incident took place last evening (Tuesday). At least one volunteer died while another was injured. Yadav was unharmed. While recalling the whole incident Naresh Yadav said

The incident is really unfortunate. I don’t know the reason behind the attack but it happened all of a sudden. Around 4 rounds were fired. The vehicle I was in was attacked. I am sure if police inquires properly they will be able to identify the assailant.

If police sources are to be believed, shots were fired at two people present in Naresh Yadav’s convoy. They are also linking this attack to a gang war between two groups.

According to reports, the police has found 6-7 bullet shells at the crime scene and further investigation is still going on. 

AAP won 62 seats in the Delhi election polls, whereas BJP won 8 seats. Congress and other parties won 0 seats. The incident happened hours after the party celebrated the election results.