While we complain about even the slightest of rise and fall in the temperature, our jawaans in Siachen are living in temperatures so low that they can’t do even the things that are a part of our normal routine.

Cooking, for instance. In a video that is now going viral, three soldiers in Siachen can be seen struggling to prepare meals.

The video starts with a soldier peeling of the paper wrapping of fruit juice, turned into a brick because of the cold. 

They hit the frozen block with the hammer even, but to no avail.

Next, they move on to eggs and throw them on the surface to show how hard they are on the inside. The eggs break into several small parts but they can obviously not be used then.

On seeing the video, a lot of people took to twitter to express their gratitude for the jawaans.

It takes a lot of motivation to be a soldier and to be living in such conditions. We don’t know where they get this spirit from, but we salute it.

That said, it’s the responsibility of the government to provide them with better facilities. That’s the least that can be done, anyway.