Masks have become a staple in everyone’s household. Masks have certainly replaced lipsticks or any other make up item that contributed to the idea of beauty. 

While masks certainly are advised to be worn for preventing the coronavirus, it is also found out that wearing masks can have an impact on your skin! The impact has particularly gotten worse in the summer months due to the existing weather conditions.

Protecting your face with a mask creates a moist and hot environment for your skin as your breathing gets trapped. This can lead to a buildup of sweat and oil on the skin under the mask, which can lead to inflammation and rashes. 

There’s a term going around on the internet called ‘Maskne’, which basically stands for mask+ acne. This is used for all the undesired side effects of having masks on our faces.

A few people are also trying their hands at making masks at homes. Dr Harold Lancer, of Lancer Dermatology, urged people to “use simple 100% cotton fabric to construct it”. He says: 

The more synthetic a material is, the more heat retention occurs on the skin that is covered by the mask. This will likely lead to irritation and breakouts.

It is also important to use face wipes if you are wearing a mask for several hours so that excess oil can be controlled.  

Wearing makeup is also highly avoidable as the chemicals and substances used in them could actually worsen the impact. However, applying sunscreen on the entire face is advised as masks can shift and uncover parts of the face that were meant to be covered.

Another tip is to clean the skin with a gentle antibacterial cleanser and incorporate a thorough facial washing every few hours. To top it off, one can use a lightweight moisturiser after cleansing.