Our venerated Indian news channels are at it again, stooping to new lows in their quest for TRPs by using the tragic death of Sidharth Shukla. They wasted no time in plastering all manner of alarmist headlines and baseless conjecture to drive up viewership, leading to shameful moments like these.

1. Look at these channels trying to turn his death into a TRP-making ploy.

2. It’s not just TV news either, it’s also social media based outlets behaving deplorably. Read the caption – is someone’s grief the country’s entertainment?


3. To use a rhyming title as a caption to a news segment about someone’s death is just vile. This also happens to be one of the country’s biggest news outlets.


4. This channel has been giving live updates from outside his house. What happened to giving the family privacy in their time of suffering?


5. And here we see yet another example of dishonourable journalism.

6. Other famous outlets have resorted to baseless conjecture such as this.

Times of India

8. Is this really how you choose to frame a headline about someone’s passing? Really?

Times of India

It’s sad to see the levels that Indian media can stoop to. Please, let the dead preserve some dignity and treat their close ones with respect.