Your happy-go-lucky life is all rainbows and unicorns. Suddenly, you get one resounding slap on your face and everything turns dark. That’s what exams feel like.

This torture technique from hell called exams, has made the bravest and strongest of us fall on our knees and cry. If the word ‘exam’ still makes your blood boil, this tale of woe belongs to you:

1. You’ve always seen exams as an inevitable curse on your otherwise awesome school/college life.

2. Whether you’re a girl or a guy, you start PMSing the moment your exam timetable is out.

3. Exams turn you into a hater. You hate your teachers, you hate your friends who have finished more chapters than you, you hate school/college, you hate your life.

4. You’ve never felt more helpless in life. No matter how many study leaves you get, it’s just never enough.

5. Exams have crushed your self-esteem and left you with no other choice but to beg: for attendance, for notes, for marks, for more time, for a miracle.

6. The day your exams end is the happiest day of your life. But the joy is short-lived. Because report card.

7. Exams are worse than being with a controlling partner. It makes you compromise on the things you love: sleeping, hanging out on social media, watching TV.

8. You’re not dyslexic but you completely identified with Ishaan Awasthi when you watched Taare Zammen Par.

9. It’s impossible to be your stylish self during exams. You look like a pauper: starved, unbathed, badly dressed, zombie like.

10. You believe exams create an unnecessary hierarchy in class. You detest being judged by your marks.

11. You love giving free gyaan about how ‘exams are a necessary evil.’

12. You run away after every exam because you can’t stand post-exam discussions.

13. Exams increase the number of people you dislike for stupid reasons. Like the one who keeps asking for more sheets in the exam hall.

14. You notice how exams transform your friends into douchebags who don’t want to share their notes or help you study.

15. Exams also transform your parents into sarcastic beings who keep rubbing salt on your wounds with “I thought you had exams,” ” Pass kar loge? Lagta toh nahi hai” and other gems that burn.

16. You imagine your teachers as sinister characters whose biggest pleasure in life is giving you a zero.

17. Exams make you want to die.

18. The silence is an examination hall makes you feel claustrophobic.

19. Your whole life flashes before your eyes the moment you glance at the question paper and don’t know the first question.

20. You draw great inspiration from great men who flunked exams and/or dropped out of school/college.

I could go on with this bitch list. But the truth is that exams are a battle you can win only by giving in to it. And when you do, you emerge taller, stronger, sharper.