India has been under lockdown since 25th March and this has led to a lot of chaos. Many people are jobless, some don’t have food or water and others don’t have a roof over their heads.

But, there are some kind souls who are helping the poor and the hungry ever since the lockdown came into effect. 

One such story is of Delhi’s Bangla Sahib Gurudwara that is feeding many homeless people who have nowhere to go and no food to eat. 

Initially, the Gurudwara distributed over 40,000 cooked meals but, sadly that wasn’t enough. They realised that they needed to prepare more meals and so they pushed it to 80,000 meals and then to 1,00,000. 

About four dozen men, who sleep in the temple’s guesthouse, prepare the meals every day. They haven’t seen their families since 25th March as they don’t want to risk infecting their loved ones.

Head cook, Balbir Singh lights the flame at 3 AM every day to make sure 35,000 lunches are ready for pickup by 9 AM. He says:

If we serve at this time, God will give us more. It’s a give and take system

With 18-hour-long shifts, they have been working relentlessly to prepare the meals. But, with the extension of the lockdown, it seems like even 1,00,000 meals a day isn’t enough.

So now, they have increased their number of plates per day from 1,00,000 to 3,00,000. 

And, their efforts aren’t going in vain. Even Twitter is impressed with their humanitarian gesture. 

The meals they prepare are distributed by the New Delhi government at shelters and drop-off points throughout the city. The Gurudwara authorities say they will continue to help the underprivileged until the situation improves. 

They are doing everything in their capacity to help the poor. Truly inspiring!