Australian bushfires have caused more than 480 million deaths of animals, birds, mammals and reptiles in Southern Australia. 

The extreme heat has also forced thousands to evacuate their homes and move to comparitively cooler lands. 


Amidst the chaos, a few Indian restaurant owners have stepped up to help their fellow citizens from the raging bushfires. 

In a bid to provide adequate supply of food to the stranded citizens, the Sikh owners of an Indian restaurant in Bairnsdale offered them free food. 

Providing firefighters and stranded victims with free food and water – Kanwaljit Singh and his wife Kamaljit Kaur – won many hearts. 

The staff of the restaurant, Desi Grill – along with the two owners – cooked curry and rice and distributed it to a temporary shelter. 

Global Punjab TV

They were assisted by a team from Melbourne-based charity, Sikh Volunteers Australia. 

Explaining the situation in Southern Australia, Kanwaljit said: 

It’s terrible out there. People are severely affected and they need food and shelter. It’s our duty to serve them when they need us the most. Last night had been very busy. We helped the volunteers with cooking rice, curries and pasta and the food was distributed in at least 500 takeaway containers. 

Where the current situation is quite frightening, people like Kanwaljit Kaur have tied a few strings together by setting an example for everyone capable of providing help in Australia.