While Indian law deems homosexuality a crime, there are a ton of other countries in the world where people not only enjoy sexual freedom, but also celebrate it with pride. One such country is Canada and we have a lot to learn from its Prime Minister, Justin Turdeau. The man not only marched in the parade this time, but also became the first Prime Minister to do so. 


Alex Sangha runs a non-profit organisation called ‘Sher Vancouver’ that actively works for the rights of LGBT people in the Sikh community. The participation of Sangha in this event as a role model is seen as a huge step forward, since homosexuality is still considered a taboo in India. In an interview with the Hindustan Times, he said:   

It was amazing. It’s very meaningful to see a brown person leading the Parade. That sent a message of diversity within the queer community.

Sangha was driven around in the Pride car and painted in the seven colours of the rainbow. This was the 37th annual pride parade of the LGBT community and this was the first time that a Prime Minister participated in it. Sangha was enthusiastic about Trudeau’s participation in the parade, and said:

“It’s really interesting it took till 2016 for a Prime Minister to march in our parade. Things are changing, times are changing.”


Canada is truly leading the race as far as progressive values are concerned!