Disney world has always been memories of childhood fantasies. But the case involving a Sikh man of Indian origin, is a long way from what everybody saw Disney as. The person alleged that he was being made to work in places where he would be out of public view, because of his appearance which involved a turban and a beard.

Source: BBC

Lawyers for Gurdit Singh, a postman at Disney world, said that he was separated from rest of the employees and customers of the park as he violated a “look policy”. They said he was made to operate on only one delivery route where he would stay away from customers, while his colleagues were assigned to different routes under rotation.

Following this, authorities at Disney world said that Mr. Singh can now work on all routes while being visible to customers. Singh mentioned that he was happy about this change of attitude by Disney land and hoped that other Sikhs and religious minorities could also practice their religious beliefs openly while working there.

The decision came after a letter written to Disney by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Sikh coalition, expressing their displeasure over the matter.

Source: My Online Destinations

Singh said “My turban and beard serve as a constant reminder of my commitment to my faith… these articles remind everybody that we’re all equal. That’s not just a Sikh value, that’s an American value.”

On Two previous occasions Singh applied for a job in Disney world but was turned down the post when asked to work in the back because of his “costume”. Disney on the other hand said that it is an employer of choice that is committed to diversity and prevent discrimination.

Mr. Singh stays in his job, and says he is happy to work for Disney.