A Sikh woman, who was supposed to travel back to India from Australia after a 10-year hiatus, cancelled her tickets at the last moment. 

The reason? She decided to stay back and help provide food to the thousands of bushfire victims. 

Yes, in a largely self-obsessed world – Sukhwinder Kaur from Melbourne proved to be a rare find. 

She cancelled her planned visit to her sister’s place in India and stayed back preparing more than 1000 meals every day for the victims of bushfires in Australia. 

Daily Mail

Camping at Bairnsdale Oval since New Year’s Eve, Sukhwinder – who also won a cash prize in 2018 for her efforts – now regards the Australian community as her new family. 

Beginning at dawn, Kaur’s tiring yet fulfilling duty takes hours and only by 11 PM can she call it a day. 

Daily Mail

But soon, she has to start all over again as new survivors reach her camp in search of some food and water. 

Explaining her routine, she said: 

I realised my first duty is towards the community here where I have lived for so long. If I had left the people here during such a difficult time, I don’t think I could call myself a good human being. This is my family too and I have a responsibility towards it. I just can’t go while my family is suffering.
Daily Mail

Sikh Volunteers Australia lauded Sukhwinder Kaur’s solo efforts and said: 

(Ms Kaur) is working continuously from last five days in bushfire effected area Gippsland region Bairnsdale. She is preparing food three times a day around 400 meals. She has not gone back to home from last five days. Thank you for the delicious taste.
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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews met Ms Kaur and other Sikh Volunteers Australia members on January 2 to personally thank them for their tireless efforts. 

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So far 1 billion animals have died due to the excruciatingly painful conditions in Australia. 

Over 1000 houses have been destroyed and a dozen people also succumbed to one of the worst calamities in the continent.