It was only yesterday night when excited youngsters gathered at the Manchester Arena to watch popular singer, Ariana Grande, perform live. However, the night took quite a turn when a suicide bomber carried out an attack in the arena filled with people. The attack has reportedly claimed 22 lives and 59 people have been left severely injured. 

While everyone has been condemning the attack, Sikhs in Manchester have stepped up to help those affected. The attack is being described as the ‘Most deadly attack the UK has ever faced’. 

Like always, the Sikh community has shown great compassion. Four gurudwaras around the attacked area stayed open throughout the night to offer shelter and food to victims.

In fact, a Sikh cab driver also offered his cab services for free to all those who were going through the trauma of the horrible night.

While the city of Manchester continues to be in a state of shock, what is admirable is the community spirit. Various people took to Twitter with the hashtag #RoomForManchester to offer their homes, food and even transportation to the victims of the attack.

While some people have managed to return home safely, many families are still struggling to find their loved ones. Nonetheless, the people of Manchester have come together to help each other in these traumatic times.

Our heart goes out to all those affected by the attack.