People across the world are either under self-isolation or have been quarantined to contain the spread of coronavirus. While the virus is dangerous for all, it is believed that elderly people, over the age of 65, are more vulnerable to the disease.


When under quarantine, it becomes extremely difficult for elderly people to get their daily supply of essential items. Keeping this in mind, the Sikh community in England has started a free mobile food support initiative for the elderly people of Slough, a town in Berkshire.

Under the initiative, healthy and nutritious food will be provided to people of aged 65 and above, and who are under quarantine.

Talking to News18, Harjinder, an associate of the Sikh community in Slough said:

Sikhs have been at the forefront of philanthropic work throughout the world. The community ongoingly delves into social causes which make a mammoth difference.

Harjinder also posted about a similar initiative taken by the Sikh community in Melbourne.

Netizens praised the Sikh community world over for extending their helping hand in the time of crisis.

This initiative by the Sikh community of Slough is indeed worth all the applause.