Indians love traveling and exploring beautiful places but, we also have a bad habit of littering around in a perfectly clean environment. 

And, what we sometimes forget is that we leave behind piles of plastic waste for animals to consume. 

In a heartbreaking incident a hungry elephant was photographed searching for food in a pile of garbage and plastic waste that was left behind by tourists in West Bengal’s Siliguri.

This picture was clicked by Pranab Das who is a sports journalist by profession. He saw the elephant ingesting plastic and he decided to capture the moment in order to encourage people to stop littering. 

The elephant also had garbage resting on top of its head and back as it was trying to look for something edible to eat while rummaging through the pile of garbage. 

The garbage pile was filled with plastic bags, plastic bottles and containers. Elephants and other animals have previously died after consuming plastic as the toxic waste is harmful for their stomachs.

This is definitely a painful sight to see but, lets not forget that we need to learn to take care of the environment and our surroundings. This planet is equally theirs as much as it is ours.