A Singapore Airlines plane caught fire early morning on Monday while making an emergency landing at Changi Airport. The plane was on its way to Milan but the pilot turned it around two hours after taking off when he saw an engine oil warning message.

The plane turned back and landed before the right engine of the Boeing 777 burst into flames, reported the BBC.

No one was injured aboard the Boeing 777-300ER, and all the 222 passengers and 19 crew on board were safely evacuated. However, there were tense moments as they all had to wait inside the plane while emergency services doused the fire with water and foam.

Singapore Airlines said passengers would be transferred to another aircraft to depart for Milan later in the day and that it would “be cooperating fully with the authorities in their investigations”, reported The Guardian.

One passenger posted a harrowing account and a video of the engine fire on Facebook.

The 49-second video clip, apparently shot from a window seat, showed tongues of flame and smoke engulfing the right engine before they were put out.

“Our Singapore Airline plane was leaking oil 3 hours flying off and the plane had to turned back. After reaching Changi Airport, as the plane was landing, the engine burst into flames!!!! Huge fire was burning!” Lee wrote.

An SIA spokesman however told AFP that the plane was one hour and 45 minutes into the flight when it turned back.

Photos taken of the plane after the fire was extinguished showed the wing mangled and blackened from the flames.