Time and again, social media has introduced us to some of the most talented artists around the world and in our country who deserve our attention and love. 

This time, a pair of folk artistes not only took the internet by storm but, they also managed to grab PM Modi’s attention. 

In a video that has gone viral two men can be seen performing a devotional folk song in the streets. PM Modi shared the video on Twitter and commented ‘Bahut Badiya’ (very nice).

One man is seen playing the signature Rajasthani string instrument known as the Ravanahatha and the other is seen playing a tambourine. And, both of them are singing along in sync with the melodious tunes. 

Though, it wasn’t just PM Modi who enjoyed this soulful rendition of the folk song. Other people on social media also couldn’t stop themselves from showering praises on the two talented artists. 

This folk song is all we needed to listen to ahead of Maha Shivratri (11th March).