When you think of slum kids, you think of poverty and illiteracy. You think of child labour and child abuse. You think of malnutrition and lack of healthcare. This, you would never have thought of. And once you watch it, you won’t stop thinking about it.

Balaknama is a New Delhi-based newspaper that breaks social conventions. Its reporters, editors, and contributors are from what many consider the lowermost rung of the Indian populace; slum kids. But they are re-defining their role in society and providing a mouthpiece for themselves and their often-overlooked peers. Some reports focus on good deeds that street kids have done, while other stories are more hard-hitting. The stories often reflect the tough lives that Balaknama’s contributors live. The N.G.O. Chetna helps cover the expenses of producing Balaknama’s. The child reporters are not paid, but do receive a stipend for travel to cover a story. Chetna also provides education and training for these novice journalists. Even though only half of Delhi’s slum population is literate, Balaknama enjoys great popularity and success — its readership is in the tens of thousands. These children deserve a standing ovation!

[H/t: Vocativ ]