A newborn baby girl weighing only 400 grams in Udaipur has survived her premature birth. According to a report by The Hindu, not only has she survived being born 12 weeks prior to the prescribed date, she has also gained normalcy after a 6-month-long treatment. 

Daily Mirror

According to the report, Manushi, as named by the nursing staff, measured only 8.6 inches. Her foot was of the size of her father’s thumbnail. Meanwhile, Neontologist Sunil Janged told The Hindu that she was the smallest newborn to have survived in India and South Asia.


Manushi was born to a couple who had been married for 35 years. All had seemed well through the pregnancy but when her mother’s blood pressure could not be controlled revealing an absence of blood flow to the foetus, a C-section had to be performed on June 15, 2017.

Manushi received multiple blood transfusions during her stay in the NICU and all the essential nutrients were directly injected into her bloodstream. She was only able to digest milk by the 7th week of her life. 

Daily Mirror

But after spending 210 days in the NICU, she weighed close to 2.4 kilograms on the day of her discharge. She was also found intellectually healthy.