Twitter has been the perfect battleground for many to indulge in a war of words. On Monday morning there was a rather nasty spat between HRD minister Smriti Irani and Congress leader Priyanka Chaturvedi, which as one Twitter user looked like this: 

The fight began when Chaturvedi reacted to a tweet by a columnist that said: 

The tweet was a reference to reports last week that Smriti Irani will be given ‘Z’ category security with armed commandos guarding her in view of increased threat perception to her life. 

Not one to hold back, Irani responded by telling Chaturvedi that she does not have ‘Z’ category security. 

Chaturvedi responded saying she didn’t know the internal workings of Home Ministry and had tweeted on the basis newspaper reports: 

Seems Irani was all prepared and had another sarcastic remark to shoot

And then Irani went for the low blow as far as the Congress is concerned. She dragged Rahul Gandhi into the fray: 

Not one to be found short of words, Chaturvedi responded: 

Man that was intense.