Smriti Irani, the newly sworn in Union Women and Child Minister who is also in charge of the Textiles Ministry, recently posted a beautiful poem on Instagram.

In the opening lines of her poem she questions a person about which God he trusts, to which he replies, ‘the one who fulfills my needs’.

She goes on to question the person in the poem if he isn’t scared of balancing his needs with faith and hope. And the person replies that how does that even matter in a world which has turned into a marketplace, where everyone has to pay a price for their expectations.

Where the hope of living with one’s principles is shattered when one has to sacrifice them every evening for materialistic pleasures. Where people judge you on face value and not on your innate goodness.

And where you are forced to sleep hungry at the end of the day.

These words pierced through her heart, making her speechless as the person asks her to search for a God who won’t charge her anything to listen to her prayers, hopes and expectations.


The poem has struck the right chord with her fans.

The minister is known to be quite active on Instagram and has been winning hearts with her inspirational posts.