Gurgaon based e-commerce venture Snapdeal has recently served a notice to 200 of its employees. These employees have been asked to go through a 30-day performance improvement plan (PIP), based on which their future in the company will be decided, reports Business Standard.

Snapdeal apparently has been bearing the brunt of constant pressure from it’s immediate rivals in Flipkart and Amazon India, forcing it to take such a stringent measure.

The consumer service department’s notice essentially says, ‘either shape up or ship out.’ However, employees say that they would rather quit their job rather than undergo the PIP as the targets are ‘impossible’, reports The Economic Times

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We are being asked to achieve an 85% customer satisfaction score, which is impossible because the company’s score has never crossed 62-64%. Hence, most of us are leaving because we don’t want this to show in our resume.” said one of the people who quit to The Economic Times.

According to sources who spoke to Business Standard, this is an unprecedented move which was undertaken after the company’s internal review revealed that the employees have not been performing well. Sources also disclosed that some employees openly protested against this move, accusing the company of singling them out. 

The company has however rubbished allegations that they are carrying out a mass lay-off, reports The Economic Times.

A spokesperson said, 

“There have been no firings or layoffs at Snapdeal… Some employees at our Contact Centre, who were not meeting the required performance parameters have been offered a Performance Improvement Plan, which offers such employees 30 days to improve their performance. Some of the employees have chosen not to go through the Performance Improvement Plan and have instead opted to exit. In deference to their wishes, Snapdeal has accepted their resignations.”

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