Anjana Om Kashyap of Aaj Tak has once again been the target of public mockery when India’s young diplomat Sneha Dubey asked her to leave the room twice in a jiffy.

Kashyap being shown the door was broadcast LIVE on Aaj Tak TV and has gone viral on social media, causing her to be ridiculed.


Kashyap was seen entering a room where India’s First Secretary Sneha Dubey was seated in the clip. ‘Today the way India responded to Pakistan and what the first lady (sic) Sneha Dubey stated,’ Kashyap’s colleague Chitra Tripathi told Aaj Tak viewers. Anjana is speaking to her in LIVE. Anjana.”

Kashyap then proceeded to enter a room where the young Indian diplomat was spotted sitting. Kashyap was apparently stopped from entering the room, but she forced her way in by saying, “ek second”.

“Sneha Dubey is the same official who was heard with tremendous pride by the country,” she later remarked. “I understand you don’t want to speak on the record, but India as a whole wants to hear from you. This may appear to be a routine task for you, but it is huge”

Sneha stood up from her chair, folded her hands, and showed Kashyap the door, which was nothing short of an epic insult for the controversial Aaj Tak anchor. “I’ve already spoken all I had to say,” the star diplomat replied.

She urged Kashyap to leave again, this time pointing towards the door. Kashyap, who was obviously embarrassed, had no choice but to exit the room.

Kashyap, as expected, became the brunt of social media jokes. Once again. 

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