For all the men who took our repeated requests of lowering that AC temperature as ‘bicker’, we finally have something concrete to back those requests up!  

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According to a study, the chilly temperatures in our offices are not just making all the women shiver, but is also lowering their productivity. It was noted that in colder temperatures, women perform poorly at maths and verbal tasks. Men, on the other hand, have no performance change due to fluctuation in temperature.        

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The study which was conducted on 543 college students in Berlin had different tests in colder and warmer temperatures. The female students turned out to answer more questions when the temperature was warmer as opposed to when the temperature was colder. This test result didn’t show much difference with the male students. 

The author of the study mentioned,

It’s been documented that women like warmer indoor temperatures than men, but the idea until now has been that it’s a matter of personal preference. What we found is it’s not just whether you feel comfortable or not, but that your performance on things that matter — in math and verbal dimensions, and how hard you try — is affected by temperature. 
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Now that the study has backed us up,  its time we lose those cardigans in the middle of this scorching summer.