Planting trees seems to be the best solution to deal with global warming, but apparently this won’t work considering the amount of harm we have done to the planet.


According to a report by Daily Mail, there is so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that solely planting trees won’t be enough to save humans from global warming.

Studies indicate that we simply cannot grow enough number of trees that are required to capture the large amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because there just isn’t enough space to do so.

Physics World

Humans emit around 40 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. We will need to plant 1.7 billion acres of trees if we want to eliminate even 10% of this from the atmosphere. 

This is not possible practically because planting this many trees would cover half the land used for farming worldwide. And, if we choose to do this, the human population might face starvation.

Hindustan Times

Research also suggests that newly planted trees are capable of absorbing 25% more carbon as compared to the older ones, but their capacity to do so is limited.

Therefore, the only way to ensure that the reforestation programmes are effective, is by reducing our own carbon dioxide emissions.