So it turns out Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the man who doesn’t sleep. Not in Parliament, not when Home Minister Rajnath Singh is droning on about a range of topics or at night as he burns the midnight oil.

After #PMJetLag featured on Twitter with images of what looked like the Prime Minister catching forty winks in the Lok Sabha, others pointed out that the photo was of one instance when the Prime Minister looked like he might have had his eyes shut, but was as alert as ever.

The photo that did the rounds on Twitter. Source: Screenshot

The video shows the time stamp of the video footage of Lok Sabha TV and then shows what happened as Rajnath Singh was speaking.

The Prime Minister is seen listening, he looks down for a bit where he looks like he could be asleep, but then lifts his head to continue listening to the Home Minister.

Here’s the video:

But was he making that crucial move in Candy Crush Saga, or replaying that bit of video he missed? Can’t say, there’s no video of proving that he didn’t do that yet.