Unless you’ve been living under freshly washed sheets, chances are you’ve heard of, or been affected by the wave of paranoia surrounding the spread of coronavirus. 


Well, like most people around me, I also hunted for sanitizers online. And that’s when I discovered the Cowpathy Hand Sanitizer – a hand sanitizer made of cow urine. 

*Some jokes just write themselves. Even a punchline isn’t needed, like a ‘sanitizer’ made of ‘urine’.*

Available on Amazon, the Cowpathy sanitizer is made of ‘distilled cow urine obtained from indigenous cows’. And to avoid that distinctive urine smell, it is mixed with aromatic essential oil and Ganga jal. 

*Product description: Distilled cow urine, obtained from indigenous cows, is gelled with aromatic essential oil and Ganga jal to make antiseptic Cowpathy Alcohol free Hand Sanitizer.

Of course, it is alcohol-free and, it keeps your hands smooth and nourished. And if you’re looking for mutra, I mean, more of this nourishment, then Cowpathy is also selling Cow Dung Bath Soaps. 

I mean, it’s not your usual mud pack, but it is available in multiple flavors! 

It is possible that Coronavirus, or anything else for that matter, isn’t coming near me after I use this! So it might just be effective, you know.

All images from Amazon, unless specified otherwise.