Well, it is common knowledge how the rest of India loves stereotyping the Northeast. In fact, instead of choosing to learn about our diverse culture, we turn a blind eye and perpetuate this ignorance. 

A teacher recently went viral, for unfortunately, calling Assam’s ‘Gamocha’ an animal.

During a GK quiz, the GradeUp teacher was seen explaining the importance of ‘Gamocha’ to his students in the viral clip. However, he says that Gamocha is an animal.

For the uninitiated, a Gamocha is an all-white rectangular piece of cloth that has a red border on three sides and red woven motifs on the other side. Being an article of significance for the state, it is one of the most recognisable cultural symbols of Assam.


However, the GradeUp teacher confidently told one of his students that Gamocha is an animal during an online multiple-choice session. Yes, an animal!

A user posted the clip on his Twitter pointing out how the teacher is spreading misinformation.

Originally posted on YouTube, the video went viral on social media.

Here’s how netizens reacted to the viral clip.

However, GradeUp replied to the viral video and apologised for the mistake. They stated that the faculty made a factual error while addressing the class.

Note: All the images are from Twitter.