You know why they ask you to think before you speak (even write)? Because even an otherwise ‘sassy’ caption for the social media universe can be loaded with ignorance, unseeing the errors in our society. One such Instagram post by actress Sobhita Dhulipala is gaining traction for being highly insensitive towards the plight of delivery executives in India.

The actress posed on a scooty and put up the image on Instagram. The caption read, “I just wanna be a delivery boy at this point.”

The caption reeks of privilege and ignorance. Reason?

Apart from facing discrimination on a daily basis, delivery executives in India are ridiculously overworked and underpaid. They have to put up with endless shifts, finicky customers at low wages and minimalistic health insurance. Like Dhulipala, when persons of influence make such tone-deaf statements (in seriousness or humour), they tend to undermine their hardships and romanticise their struggle to make ends meet.

Twitter user @Artoo_Detwo pointed out Dhulipala’s post and people are calling her out for being insensitive.

Next time a delivery executive requests you to give them five stars, please remember to do the bare minimum.

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