India has surpassed Spain to become the 5th-worst coronavirus hit country in the world but, some people’s casual, laid back attitude with regards to social distancing norms still hasn’t changed. 

Hundreds of people gathered at Pratap Chowk in Rajasthan’s Baran for the inauguration ceremony of Maharana Pratap’s statue. And, clearly social distancing rules were flouted, yet again. 

Dhols were beaten, loud music was being played, people were dancing and rejoicing but, no one seemed to be bothered about maintaining physical distance from each other. 

The ceremony took place in the presence of Congress MLA Panachand Meghwal and Chairman Kamal Rathore.

While some people were seen wearing masks, others didn’t even make an effort to protect themselves. 

Netizens are outraged with people’s casual attitude. 

People need to start understanding the gravity of the situation and we can’t stress this enough.