Discrimination, of all sorts, is deep-rooted in Indian society. Be it gender, religion, class or caste, we have separate rules for everyone.

During the pandemic, we came across several instances of privileged people not allowing domestic help in the society due to the fear of COVID and asking food and parcel delivery guys to leave the packets outside.

Not just the fear of COVID, sadly, we as a society are like that only. Take this notice, for example.

Think for a moment and answer. Isn’t this cruel? Are we even allowed to discriminate like this?

The poster is now viral on social media and people are sharing how deeply entrenched the phenomenon is. From domestic help and food delivery guys to courier boys and sweepers, we discriminate against almost everyone.

While this particular notice is from a mall in Udaipur in Rajasthan, we see this almost every day around us. You might have just seen this in your apartment when you entered the lift. And yet again we did not do anything about it.

Sobhana K Nair, a journalist with The Hindu shared it on Twitter.

The big question we should ask ourselves before making such discriminatory rules for anyone is, “Aren’t they humans?”

At this time, I should be asking you to offer the delivery guys a glass of water when they reach you, but the least we can do it treat everyone equal. Coz we actually are.