As a law student at the Rajasthan University Evening Law College in Jaipur, Shiv Singh is a sincere student who keeps regular attendance and if classes are not held for any reason, you will find him reading in the library.

This does not seem unusual, after all, we just said he is a student. But here is the fascinating bit:

Shiv Singh is a beggar, who begs for a living on the streets of Jaipur.

Source: Daily Bhaskar

Reported in the Daily Bhaskar , Shiv Singh is 48-years-old and a beggar who begs door to door and from temple to temple. According to a TOI reporter, Shiv even has a schedule:

5 AM : Hanuman temple at Johari Bazaar on Tuesday, Ganesh temple at Moti Doongri on Wedneday, Sai Baba temples on Thursday and Shiv temples on Saturday.

3 PM: College classroom

Source: Daily Bhaskar

Both his parents were labourers who paid for his education till he graduated from Government College in Gangapur City. Unfortunately, he got hurt and one of his hands do not work. He could not get any jobs, not even as a labourer. After which, his wife and kids left him.

He had no choice but to beg to feed himself.

Source: Daily Bhaskar

And one day, an advertisement in the newspaper led him to fill the Rajasthan University form.

Many taunted him for begging because he was young enough to earn a living, but who knew that in his tattered bag were law books and who knew behind that withered face, was an iron resolve.

Shiv Singh will become a lawyer soon and hopes to get a job at the court.

And we can only applaud in awe.