Listen up guys, your bathroom break may soon become less comfortable and shorter thanks to the invention of a new-downward tilting toilet. 


No, we aren’t making this up. A new downward-tilting toilet has been designed by a company named ‘Standard Toilet’ so that employees spend less time in the bathroom during work. What the hell!

This start-up company joined hands with the British Toilet Association (BTA), a group that campaigns for better bathroom facilities in offices and public spaces to make these toilets that aim at ‘improving an employees’ productivity at work.

The new toilet seat is sloped forward by about 13 degrees that is aimed at increasing strain on your legs so that you are forced to stand up after 5-7 minutes. 

The company hopes to target offices with their new invention as they believe cutting down on the length of toilet breaks will increase the productivity of employees drastically.

This is what developer Mahabir Gill had to say about the new toilet:

It is estimated that in the United Kingdom alone, extended employee breaks costs industry and commerce an £4 billion per annum. With the advent of flexible zero hour contracts it is easy to see why our StandardToilet can be an asset to a business.

The new toilets look quite uninviting and uncomfortable but according to the makers it will improve one’s posture and provide other ‘health benefits’. 

Okay, then. Can’t even shit in peace?