Consumption and procurement of marijuana in any form is illegal in India but, apparently there are some temples in North Karnataka where cannabis is sacred and is served as prasad to devotees.

Sounds unbelievable but, it’s true. 

As per Sharana, Aruda, Shaptha and Avadhuta traditions, devotees consume cannabis aka ganja in various forms, in hope to achieve enlightenment.

In fact, Mouneshwara temple at Tinthini in Yadgir district conducts an annual fair in January, every year, where devotees receive small packets filled with ganja as prasad. The devotees then smoke the prasad after praying to Mouneshwara or Manappa.

While talking about the wide usage of marijuana, a member of the temple committee, Gangadhar Nayak said:

The devotees and saints believe this sacred grass shows the path to enhancing knowledge of spirituality. 

Nayak further added:

During the fair, anybody can come here and smoke. While some eat ganja after boiling it, others consume it like tobacco powder. 

Just so you know, usage of marijuana varies with its bud and the leaves. While ganja (weed) is made from the extract of Marijuana leaves, bud refers to smoking elements of the plant directly. 

Bud is also more expensive as compared to weed. It costs around ₹4000 to ₹5000 per gram. 

Image By David Dewitt

While there is still taboo around the usage of marijuana in India, certain countries like Canada and South Africa have legalised marijuana consumption for recreational purposes.