A few days after Ratan Tata broke the internet with his retro #ThrowbackThursday picture and literally deceived Netizens into believing that he was a Hollywood celebrity, the down-to-earth business tycoon was greeted with a million followers on Instagram. 

To celebrate his 1M milestone, he posted a picture of himself where he was seen sitting on the floor, and candidly smiling with every facial muscle in his body. 

In his heartwarming caption, he humbly thanked his Insta fam for pouring all the love and elaborated on the things that he’s learned from the internet community. 


Looking at Mr. Tata’s wholesome message in the caption, Netizens showered him with compliments. However, a certain user referred to Mr. Tata as “chhotu” in the comments section below as she was congratulating him. 


Even though her intentions were positive. She obviously got a lot of flack from Netizens as they thought that she was being “disrespectful” towards their idol and her comment was “shameful”. 

However, Mr. Tata stepped in the battleground of the comments before things got escalated. He defended this young lady in the most adorable way possible. He replied to her comment and said: 

His comment has received over 4400 likes and was possibly one of the best, most humble gestures we’ve seen on the internet today.