Cited ‘syllabus rationalisation’, the elimination of some chapters on the Mughal Empire from class 12 History textbooks by The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has met with immense backlash. People are condemning such selective content deletions and the infamous sentiment they connote.

Now, a man from Uttarakhand has strong objections to his seven-year-old son calling his parents ‘abbu’ and ‘ammi’ because, according to him, it’s an ‘attack on our faith and religious beliefs’, reported The New Indian Express.

Take a look at this now-viral tweet shared by Twitter user who goes by the handle ‘@Delhiite_

Apparently, the words appear in a second-grade English textbook for ICSE students named Gul Mohar, published by Orient Black Swan – Hyderabad.

Manish Mittal, the child’s father, filed a complaint to the Dehradun District Magistrate, Sonika Singh. He contested English textbooks should contain ‘Mother and Father’, Hindi textbooks, ‘Mata and Pita,’ and Urdu textbooks, ‘Ammi and Abbu.’

He then called it an attack on religious sentiments. He noted it’s the beginning of a new academic year for students. Hence, with proper investigation, such ‘anti-religious’ practices can be halted without impacting the flow of education.

Twitter users are calling out the complaint as ‘blind hatred’. Here’s what they are saying.

He also called for banning the book after due investigation.

After receiving the complaint, DM Sonika, reportedly, forwarded the investigation to the Chief Education Officer.

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