Criticizing the decision by an airline to suspend air hostesses who allowed him to to sing on a flight, Sonu Nigam said that it was a case of “real intolerance”. 

“This act lack of common sense according to me is real intolerance (sic).” reported NDTV.

Nigam added that he has in fact, witnessed even a fashion show in an aircraft. 

“I have seen pilots and crew members cracking humorous jokes to loosen up passengers in other countries which is so cool,” he told the channel.

b’Source: Twitter’

About a month ago, passengers of a Jet Airways flight were delighted when singer Sonu Nigam obliged them with unexpected mid-air gig using the flight announcement system. 

But on Friday, the DGCA suspended 5 air hostesses for letting Nigam use the flight announcement system.

A statement issued by the airline said, “all cabin crew on the flight have been taken off from flight duty for enquiry and corrective training to reinforce strict adherence to operating procedures”.

The DGCA while suspending the air hostesses reportedly said

“These acts by the cabin crew had drawn the attention of other crew on duty, thus reducing their preparedness/alertness. The frequent movement of the dancing crew may have affected the aircraft’s centre of gravity during flight and created turbulence.”

Here’s the video of the performance: