Sonu Sood has made a difference for over 20,000 people during this entire period of crisis. The man has not only helped several people (including migrants) reach home to their families, but has also provided for food and education. 

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But this actor has not stopped at just helping migrants, he’s helping unprviledged students get an education through scholorships and also helping people in the medical field. In an exclusive interview with Barkha Dutt, the actor talked about how he has received more than 1.5 lakh applications for scholarships as of now.  

He and his team would be selecting at least 2000-3000 exceptional students who can’t afford to pay for college and sponsor their entire college tenure.    

He then went ahead and talked about a new platform that he’s creating for people in the medical field called ‘Ilaj’ app. This app will map patients and doctors across the country and fix their meetings and every doctor will do one free surgery a month. Not just that, even before an official announcement Sood claimed that about 48,000-50,000 docors have already confirmed 

Not just that, even before an official announcement, Sood claimed that about 48,000-50,000 doctors have already confirmed that they’ll do one free surgery a month. 

Although, he did mention that if a person from another state matches with a doctor from some other state, they have to go see the doctor and get a surgery wherever the doctor resides. 

You can watch the entire interview here :