Yesterday, Indians spent the day doing what they love the most, outraging! It all started with an alleged statement by the CEO of Snap Inc. where he apparently said he had no plans of expanding in poor countries like India and Spain.

Unbelievably, Indians started punishing Snapdeal for it. Why you ask? Well, they share the first half of their name with Snapchat. 

Well, if you are feeling bad for Snapdeal, there is no time. Move on.

Because today we have something new on the menu for you. Sonu Nigam tweeted a rant against the loudspeakers and forced religiousness in India. 

b’Source: Twitter’

Now, we don’t know if people are just continuing the fun or actually getting confused between Sonu Nigam and Sonu Sood. But, there were a few tweets like these.

All looks like healthy fun but then Sonu Sood got confused and tweeted this.

Dear Sonu Sood, hang in there, bro.