Our government has failed to address the migrant tragedy. From being forced to cycle hundreds of kilometres just to reach their homes to dying out of starvation, they have suffered gravely. 

But there’s still a glimmer of hope because Sonu Sood has taken it upon himself to help migrant workers. And, now he has even become a personal hero to this woman who was abandoned by her own son.

On Sunday, he was tagged in a tweet which had a video of a 70-year-old Leelavati sitting alone at Bandra station, crying after being kicked out of the house. 

India Times/ Youtube/ Mojo Story

She had travelled from Delhi to Mumbai to take care of her ailing son. But upon reaching, the drunk son beat her, took all her money and showed her the door. 

Barkha Dutt, who was present there with her team, saw the woman in distress. While in conversation with the journalist, Leelavati shared that she walked all alone to Bandra station, surviving on nothing more than just a biscuit packet and some rice and daal.

The old mother waited for two hours until Barkha found her and captured her heartbreaking story. Barkha made sure that she got all the help she needed and even spread the message till Sonu Sood stepped in. 

Barkha Dutt/ Twitter

Later on, the video was also shared by another woman tagging Sonu Sood asking to help her out. Quick to her rescue, Sonu Sood replied and assured that it’ll be a ‘special day’ for the old lady! 

And, given how tirelessly Sonu Sood has been working to ease people’s pain in need, we are sure that Leelavati would have gotten the care she deserved! 

The Hindustan Times

It is nothing less than a miracle to have such heroes helping out people during this hour of need. And for this, we could never thank them enough!