While several parts of the country are reeling under drought and water crisis, this proposal by Haryana government to save wastage of water might be of little help.  

Wasting water in Haryana could land you in jail. So, the next time you waste drinking water in the state, think twice. You might have to shell out a huge amount of money as fine or spend three-months in jail. For, Haryana government’s proposal to bring in a legislation to punish those wasting water, may soon see the light of the day. 

Haryana Public Works (Buildings and Roads) Minister, Rao Narbir Singh on Wednesday said that the state government proposes to bring in a law against wasting water. Under the proposal, defaulters would be either fined upto Rs 10,000 or sent to a three-month jail term, reported Times of India.

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While addressing a press conference in Chandigarh, the PWD minister was quoted by The Pioneer stating that the government was working out the ways in which the law could be brought about and strict action be taken against those wasting drinking water.

He said, by releasing water on the roads, shop owners and villagers caused major damage to it. He added that anybody releasing even a bucket of water on the road would have to face the punishment. The minister added that it was for the first time in Haryana that the government had decided to use green technology for construction of roads on the patterns of German technology.

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Just last month, Haryana CM ML Khatter was in the midst of a controversy when thousands of litres of water was wasted for preparing a makeshift helipad for him in Yamunanagar.