For all those who cheered and clapped when ‘news’ emerged that Tata Group has announced he won’t hire Jawaharlal Nehru University students, well, some disappointment is in store.

The Tata Group has clarified in a tweet that the company’s Chairman Emeritus has not made any such statement.

Ratan Tata found himself unceremoniously caught in the social media crossfire when fake pictures of him accompanying the alleged statement kept doing the rounds over the last couple of days. On twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp, these pictures were being shared all over:

This had come in the wake of the ongoing crisis at the JNU, where some section of the society and political groups are branding the institute as ‘anti-national’. 

Post clarification, most of the tweets and posts have been deleted. But not before some such posts had already done much damage. One such post, which is now deleted, saw over 73,000 likes and 21,000 shares!

We only have this to say to the social media users: Please verify with some credible source before blindly sharing information. The one in question might have ended with a tweet from the group, but we never know how similar photoshopped images spread all over Internet to spread misinformation can lead to hatred and even violence.