Former Indian captain and the current BCCI President Sourav Ganguly, on Wednesday, defended his daughter’s post on Instagram related to CAA saying it is “not true”. 

He also tried to dismiss her political stance by claiming she’s too young to understand politics. 

Ganguly’s daughter Sana took to Instagram on Tuesday December 17 to express her opinion on the recently passed Citizenship Amendment Act. 

Sharing an excerpt from Khushwant Singh’s book ‘The End of India’, Sana apparently took a stand against the act. 

Times Now News

Soon snapshots of the story went viral on social media and people had mixed opinions about the excerpt she had shared. 

In damage control mood, Ganguly was quick to respond and asked people to keep her out of all these issues. 

Hindustan Times

But where Ganguly was seen protecting his daughter from trolls, her post won many hearts of people across the country. 

Shehla Rashid asked Ganguly to be proud of his daughter and lauded her opinion against CAA. 

Hardcore ‘dada’ fans, who love the way Ganguly answered and dealt with his critics in the past, were upset with him putting a cover on Sana’s views. 

A concerned father or India’s bravest and fiercest captain of the past, people couldn’t really digest Ganguly’s comments.