BJP has recently been in the news due to their habit of renaming things, like roads, cities, even UPA schemes


Well, this time, Twitter has noticed something else that might have been renamed. We are speaking of the ‘Nehru Jacket’ or as the South Korean President was told, the ‘Modi Vest’.

The Nehru Jacket is a traditional, tailored short coat with a closed-neck collar that evolved from a version often worn by Jawahar Lal Nehru. It comes from the Persian angarkha, a long coat with strings, worn in Mughal courts.

GQ India

It evolved into knee-length achkans with the arrival of the British. In the 1940s, with jackets and western suits becoming popular, it evolved into a band gale ka coat.

Now Twitter is a massively diverse demographic and there were a bunch of different opinions on the subject. 

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Who can tell?

This guy does have a point.

Well, technically the style of roses can’t be changed. 

That’s not really the point, mate!

Dammit Akhilesh, stop confusing us!

Well well…

Ah, well, this debate isn’t going to get settled anytime soon.