Perhaps not 21, but ‘forever 22’ is now a legit thing in the world. Virtual humans will take over the entertainment sector faster than we imagined. 

Meet Rozy from Korea, a virtual influencer and model who has garnered over 100 sponsorships and is expected to earn more than 1 billion Korean won (roughly Rs. 6 Cr.) this year.

At first glance, even I presumed Rozy to be just another quintessential social media fashionista who bags great deals and recommends products. 

But this 22-year-old influencer who loves jogging, yoga and traveling the world, and with nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram is not a human.

Rozy is the first virtual social media influencer from South Korea. She is the brainchild of Sidus Studio X, a content-creating, production company which specialises in ads, animation, film and video characters. 

Roz has stunned the world due to her uncanny resemblance to humans beings. I mean, just look at her pictures of blowing candles and practicing yoga, no way you could assume that she’s not real!

Her flawless skin, tanned body, and fashion sense have landed her over 100 sponsorship deals, and she is expected to make more than 1 billion Korean Won this year.

The parent company said that Rozy has already made the profit it was aiming for, and that it is now trying to improve her game in other areas of entertainment.

At present Rozy can pose for photos and shake a few moves for videos. But there are bigger plans of releasing Rozy’s voice and even casting her in movies, dramas and entertainment shows. 

Rozy has already finished two ads this month and has signed up for eight exclusive contracts, said Sidus Studio X CEO Baek Seung-yeop said on CBS Radio’s Kim Hyeon-News jung’s Show. 

There are other advantages of having a virtual social media influencer — Rozy does not age, can’t complain of being exhausted after intense schedules and there are no fear of controversies.

Rozy stunned the world last month when she appeared as a model for Shinhan Life, a Korean insurance firm. On YouTube, the ad featuring her had over 11 million views.

This is what Twitter has got to say about her. 

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