A Spanish politician has come under fire for his crude jokes on the treatment of Jews by Nazis during the Holocaust.

Guillermo Zapata, a city councilman in Madrid, tweeted, " How would you fit five million Jews in a Seat 600 (like a Fiat 500)? In the ashtray."

Source: The Spain Report

According to a website, The Spain Report, this is not the first time Zapata has used Twitter to express his anti-semitic notions. Apparently in 2011 and 2012 he tweeted a number of anti-Jewish statements.

Spanish media has reported that Zapata has apologised for his tweets and denied any wrongdoing, he claimed he had 'always like black, cruel humour' (sic).

Source: timesofisrael.com

"I find the Holocaust to be deplorable and terrible," Zapata wrote in an apology on Twitter. "I am absolutely not an anti-Semite, on the contrary, I have always been interested in Jewish culture and have always been against the criminalization of the Jews."

Zapata has since deleted his old Twitter account and started a new one with a similar handle. However, all of this might be too little too late, as the public is already roused by his remarks. The hashtag #ZapataDemision (Resign, Zapata) was trending in Spain, and a number of public groups have written to their councilmen to have him removed, including the mayor of Madrid.